CBN Wheel Vitrified Bonds - M Series

We are Dealer, Distributor, Supplier, Importer, Exporter of CBN Wheel Vitrified Bonds - M Series from reputed Manufacturer Mitsui Grinding Technology from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

Low Conc, CBN Vitrified Bonds, Pursuing Usability

M series is designed to enable dressing and truing by single point diamond dresser. Its conc. Is low concentration. It is applicable to conventional grinding machine as well

M series may be a good solution for tool steels which have hardness over HRC60 or hard-to-grind materials such as stainless steels.

Saving Machine Time
High quality CBN grain allows grinding efficiency much higher than conventional wheel

High Precision
Sharp cutting would provide high accuracy in dimensions and geometry

Less Wheel Wear
Even comparing with sintered alumina grain, M series exhibit much higher grinding ratio

Recommended Applications
ID grinding, OD grinding, Jig grinding, surface grinding

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