Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

We are Dealer, Distributor, Supplier, Importer, Exporter of Cylindrical Grinding Wheels from reputed Manufacturer Hindustan Abrasives, Mitsui Grinding Technology from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

Cylindrical Grinding Wheels are used to shape the object which may or may not be cylindrical in shape having an axis of rotation. And of course Cylindrical Grinding Stone rotates by motorized attachment to overcome the moment of inertia and rotate it at the desired speed.

The work-piece may be conical as special farm cylindrical wheels are used for grinding works which are held between center & chucks. The bonds which have been specially developed for precision grinding wheels are used for their production, which runs cool enough to avoid cooling/cutting oils used by the consumer.

Apart from it, these bonds do not overheat the job and hence gives the desired finish and cutting simultaneously. Moreover, the per-component cost is much lower than that of the other precision grinding wheels available in the market.

BA, MA 36-150 G-P 3, 5, 7 100-1066 6-150
WA 36-220 G-N 4 & 5 100- 1066 6-150
BS 46-320 G-N 3, 5, 7 100- 1066 6-150

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