Gear Grinding Wheels

We are Dealer, Distributor, Supplier, Importer, Exporter of Gear Grinding Wheels from reputed Manufacturer, Hindustan Abrasives, Mitsui Grinding Technology from Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

A Gear Grinding Wheels is equipment which is used to transmit torque to other gears or gear racks or chains. A Gear Grinding Wheels is generally specified with the help of diameter, a number of teeth and the shape of the teeth (sometimes called tooth profile grinding wheel). These gears can be designed in the form of a spur, helical, spiral or hypoid.

The shape and design of the teeth are defined with the help of pith, teeth width and teeth gap, teeth flak and face, bottomland and top land. The shape of the gear is designed in such a way that the frictional connection is form-fitting, seamless and doesn’t slip. Also, the precision or the correctness of the process determines the quality of the gear and its efficiency as well.

There are many ways of preparing the gear blanks. However, the precision surface shape is generally produced by grinding. It is very important to indulge in processes like curing and hardening of the gears and after that, the gears need to re-grind again.

Below 1.49 Over 16.93 WA220J8V11
1.5-1.99 16.92-12.69 WA180J8V11
2.00-2.99 12.68-8.45 WA150J8V11
3.00-3.99 8.44-6.34 WA120K8V11
4.00-5.99 6.33-4.22 WA802J8V11

0.8-1 40 WA400M4VGT
1.25-1.5 28-32 WA180J8V11
1.75-2.5 20-26 WA280L4VGT
3-4 14-20 WA220L4VGT
4.5-5.5 7-12 WA180K4VGT
4.5-6 7-12 WA120K4VGT

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